Frank Martin's "Mass" appeal

I felt that a personal expression of religious belief should remain secret and hidden from public opinion.
— Frank Martin (1890-1974)


Of all the works in Swiss composer Frank Martin's catalogue, one of the most celebrated and performed is his unaccompanied Mass for Double Choir. Completed in 1926, the composer would not allow the work to be performed until 1963; he considered the work to be a 'matter between God and myself'. Since its premiere, the work has gained a tremendous following, and has become a staple of contemporary choral repertoire.

Frank Martin (1890-1974)

Frank Martin (1890-1974)

So what makes the Mass for Double Choir so special? Three conductors of Alberta-based, award-winning choirs -- Leonard Ratzlaff, Jordan Van Biert and Timothy Shantz -- offer their scholarly insights and experience on the work, and why it deserves such praise.

Leonard Ratzlaff and Jordan Van Biert sing the Mass with us this weekend, conducted by Timothy Shantz, to kick off our fifth-anniversary season. Tickets are still available: