A choir that is remarkably well balanced, effortless in its projection of a tight choral sound, and delivers the virtuosity and brilliance possible when the choristers are excellent and the direction is imaginative and musical.”
— Kenneth Delong, for the Calgary Herald

Luminous Voices comprises some of the best ensemble singers in the Calgary area, collaborating with singers and musicians from across North America.

Luminous Voices is directed by Dr. Timothy Shantz, who founded the ensemble in 2012.


Our Mission

To engage audiences in exceptional choral music through stirring performances, workshops and recordings.


To encourage the advancement of the choral art by providing a forum for collaboration among local and international artists in the development and presentation of choral music, as well as musical education programs.


  • Rob Kelly, President
  • David Partridge, Vice-President
  • Po-Yeh, Secretary-Treasurer
  • Cathy Billington
  • Steve Frederick
  • Matt Matheson
  • Catherine McClelland
  • Rod McKay
  • John Partridge