Choral conducting workshop: august 19-23, 2019

st. Laurence Anglican church, 5940 lakeview dr. sw, Calgary

Are you an active conductor interested in improving your conducting skills by attending an intense week-long course led by choral music experts? Luminous Voices, Calgary's professional choir invites active conductors and teachers to attend this inaugural workshop that will culminate in a public performance on August 23, 2019.

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Timothy Shantz - Conductor/Instructor

Tim Pyper - Certified Alexander Technique Instructor

Luminous Voices - Choir (16 voices)



- Audio & Video recordings of each day and performance - shared with conductor on a daily basis

- Group and individual conducting lessons - gesture and the breath

- Opportunity to conduct a professional choir

- Listening sessions

- Vocal Technique

- Approaches to diction

- Alexander Technique

- Musical analysis

- Intense listening

- Leadership and management skills

- There will be less emphasis on rehearsal technique and more emphasis on clear verbal and non-verbal communication


- Active conductors (beginning, mid-career and professional) who are working with community and/or school groups

- Teachers

- Anyone interested in improving their conducting skills, with particular focus on working with singers and choirs

- Singers and instrumentalists who wish to observe and learn some basic conducting technique as it relates to choir music


ACTIVE CONDUCTORS ($750 fee) are asked to submit an online application with a video demonstrating their conducting of an ensemble - deadline JUNE 20, 2019.

Selected applicants will be notified in the week of June 24, 2019.

AUDITORS - observers ($50 daily fee or $200 for the week).

Tuition for ACTIVE conductors of $750 includes:

- 6-7 hours of sessions per day (Conducting instruction, Alexander Technique & Rehearsals with Luminous Voices)

- 4 sessions on Alexander Technique with Timothy Pyper, certified Alexander Technique instructor and organist

- 5 group and individual sessions on conducting with Timothy Shantz, Founder & Artistic Director or Luminous Voices and accompanist

- 4 rehearsals with Luminous Voices and instructor Timothy Shantz

culminating in a performance with Luminous Voices (Friday, August 23)

- Interaction with colleagues

- Q & A with instructors

- Extra opportunity to observe a recording session with Luminous Voices (Saturday, August 24)

- Music packets for active conductors


Da Pacem Domine (2:30) (Musica Baltica) - Peter-Anthony Togni

Earth Songs or Earth Voices (5:50) - with hand drum & wind chimes (Cypress) - Peter-Anthony Togni

Of the Father’s Love Begotten (3:00) (Musica Baltica) - Peter-Anthony Togni

Requiem et Lux (8:00) (Musica Baltica) - Peter-Anthony Togni

Totus tuus (1:30) (Musica Baltica) - Peter-Anthony Togni

Psaume 98 (3:00) SATB (Musica Baltica) - Peter-Anthony Togni

Da Pacem (5:00) - Arvo Pärt

Repertoire will be finalized and sent out 4-6 weeks in advance.

For any questions and to receive the application form, contact General Manager Kristýna Rempel at